Making a Living in the Digital Age

If you are trying to make a living in the digital age you should consider starting your own YouTube Channel. We are not asking you to quit your day job but there are people making good incomes from YouTube and you can to. Starting a YouTube Channel is fairly simple and you could buy YouTube views to help build awareness of your YouTube Channel but those steps are premature.

Benefits of Staring a YouTube Channel

There are some personal benefits to having your own YouTube Channel but for the time being we are going to look at the economic benefits. In your current job you are being paid an hourly wage or a salary and that is the maximum amount you can earn from that job. The moment you stop going to work your income stops so you need to diversify your income streams so if your job stopped you would not be in dire economic straits.

With a YouTube Channel you can make money over and over from the same video. There are millions of people going to YouTube each and every day to get information or be entertained. Advertisers know that people love YouTube so they pay YouTube large sums of money to show these advertisements to prospective customers. If your YouTube Channel is able to build a significant base of regular viewers you could be earning a considerable amount of money.

Identifying Your Niche and Building Critical Mass

You have to determine what niche is right for you which may seem like a hard task but it is quite simple. You can talk about anything and there will be an audience for it you just need to make people aware of your YouTube Channel. A popular shortcut is to buy YouTube views but you have to work out who your targeted demographic is before you invest any money. The demographic is the group of people most likely to find your YouTube content entertaining. To determine this you will need to have some organic traffic come to your YouTube channel and track their response. When you have established which segment of the population would most appreciate your content you can begin marketing to them.

Whenever people in your targeted demographic watch your videos they will be shown advertisements. You will be paid based on the total number of people who seen the advertisements and whether they clicked on the links. As the popularity of your channel grows by people “liking” your videos you will build critical mass and your videos will appear prominently whenever people are searching on YouTube. The higher your video/s rank the more traffic you will receive. This is one of the most popular ways you can make money in the digital age. You do not need any special programming skills, all that is required is fresh content and consistency from your end. There are people making substantial amounts of money from YouTube and you can do the same.