The Three Phases of the LGBT Movement


The whole LGBT uprisings and movements can be divided into three phases. The first and foremost one was the homophile phase, which consisted of the already defined Mattachine Society and the DoB(Daughters of Bilitis). The homophile movement in fact had a strong core focus on love as against being focussed upon the sexuality. Consequently, Media had low coverage of the upcoming LGBT demonstrations. The second phase or stage can be termed as Gay liberation. This was characterized by talking about Gay Empowerment and to encourage them to come out of all their inhibitions and express the truth and themselves believe that nothing is wrong with them. The most common reason members of the LGBT community require psychological treatment is due to negative influences from those around them (reports the National Coach Academy). The trend shifted to the movements gaining more popularity and hence higher impact on the society. At times even riots happened. In fact, these people who were much more radical in their movement, often were found of the view that the previous phase had a bunch of rather easy-going protestors. Along with the Gay movement, this also identified the rights of lesbians and worked in that space.

In current scenario, the United States has different laws governing the LGBT’s in different states. The same sex marriage can be acceptable or can be refused depending upon the state. About the freedom of speech regarding homosexuality, though it is not considered to be obscene but still states have the right to regulate it. Just the way, Pornography is also protected. Public schools and organizations are generally required to accept the LGBT applications as well. The biggest paradigm shift comes with respect to the Federal hate crime law which now includes sexual orientation and gender identity. Homosexual relations between adults in a private are no more tried under the criminal law in the US.

Thus, a movement which started years back has finally started to show considerable results with LGBT community offered many rights, but still, from a social perspective, a few battles are left to be won.